Hair Styles For Summer and Monsoon

Hair styles that are ideal for summer and monsoon

Hair styles that are ideal for the months of the warm sun and the months of the monsoon rains are many in number. What with the introduction and the conceptualization of many a salon across the globe and many brands of spas and salons hitting the global market, with a bang, I must say, there is little left to the creative diversity of a hairdresser. This is because nearly every conceivable hairstyle or hairdressing style/method and every conceivable hair do have already been experimented with and has already been tried as well as tested! So now, the theory is to not come up with more and diverse haircuts, since there is already more than a million haircut and hairdo that is present in today’s’ new gen hair industry and hair fashion choices; the theory now is for hairdressers to be talented in their style of cutting and styling hair, therefore making their client go back or leave their salon as a happy customer, and this proof of talent is what makes the popularity polls of success for the hairdressers across the globe, and for them to hit global presence e and immense popularity.

Hair styles For Summer and Monsoon Hairdressers like Garren are super popular and in fact he probably is the most effectiovely famous hairdresser in the world in today’s times, or at least one of the best ranking ones in the globe. Garren, infamous for his studio salon called Garren, New York boasts of making hair and haircuts seem and feel effortless. Hairstyles that are ideal for summer would be the one that he (Garren) gave Victoria Beckham. A haircut that was cut short like a Bob haircut or hairdo, but with a razor edge and a few layers added on to the side of the hair or head. This haircut is so apt for the months of summer, wherein humidity and heat gets your hair to feel and to experience drudginess and this can be opted out of by opting in for this haircut or hairstyle/hairdo! The hair cut that is ideal for monsoon is one that is layered, light and can be tied up with ease. The other haircut that is good for summer is the layered, non fringed haircut or hairdo. The layers take the weight off of the hair and the hair and head feels light and breezy! Monsoon can do well with a short crop of hair as well!

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