Trendy Hairstyles This Season

Looking gorgeous is what tops any girls’ wish list. A cool look can make you feel happy about yourself. Great dresses, shoes, accessories, make up and hair style is what comes to our mind. What we can most frequently change and feel good about is a haircut. Every fall, trends in hairstyles keep changing; the need is to keep oneself updated with the latest changes. Depending on your face cut newer hairstyles could be tried upon to change the way you look. Thinking of a new hair style but are totally confused? There are many looks that are talk of the town this season. Flaunting them with right amount of guts and attitude can make other girls go green with envy!

Hairstyles Curls are back this season! If your hair are naturally curly thumbs up to you! Curls give a more playful look making you look in a naughty mood. The only thing you need to keep in mind is not letting your hair become dry and frizzy. A good care of your hair can make you sport this look greatly.

How can we forget the oh-so classical bob hair cut, and what’s making news is that this look is back again. A bouncy bob cut can make you look chic and sophisticated.

Layered cut like the last fall is again doing the rounds this season. This look is very stylish and glamorous. Teamed up with a little black dress can do wonders to your look!

The newest cut that is making news is the pixie cut. If you’ve got the attitude, go sport it girl! It’s dynamic and very modern. With locks falling on your face you make that perfect statement of ‘Don’t mess with me’.

It’s all about experimentation this season. So go ahead choose your favourite cut and flaunt it like never before!

Best Hairstyles For Your Face

While getting a new hairstyle, the first question that arises in the mind is what hairstyle will suit my face? Seeking anyone’s opinion might or might not appeal to you. Wouldn’t that be great if you know yourself which hairstyle is best for your face? Here is a guide to hairstyles for all kinds of face types.

If you have a round and a fuller face, a hairstyle that is high on the crown area with hair covering the contours of your face is best suited. This kind of a cut will make you face look thinner and longer. If you have short hair, grow them at least longer than your chin.

Hairstyles Women blessed with an oval shaped face can sport almost all hairstyles! Both long and short hair lengths will suit you. So go ahead and get any hairstyle that appeals you the most.

A square faced shape must have short to medium length hair style. Take out side partition and make sure your hair are high on the crown area. Wavy hairstyle will suit your face the most.

Heart shaped face are game for shorter haircuts. Chop your locks to chin level but avoid styles that are high on the crown area. You may get flicks done too.

A long face looks the best with short to medium length hairstyles. Layered cuts and bouncy hairstyles will suit your face type.

Triangle faces or the ones with wider chins and narrower foreheads must also stick to shorter hairstyles. A hairstyle that is prominent on your jaw line is a complete no-no!

If you have both, large forehead and longer chin area then long hair are the best for you. Avoid curls. Go in for a straightening and show off your long cascading hair.

In a nut shell you must always get a hairstyle that suits your face and makes you look better than ever before.

Low Maintenance Hairstyles

Once you’ve got bored with the same old hair style, you easily walk in to a salon and get a brand new haircut done for you. In a day or two you start feeling that something is lacking. What’s lacking here is maintenance. If you do not maintain your new hairstyle, it will soon lose its glamour and all the efforts will seem to go wasted. So why not get a haircut which makes you look good and is also low on maintenance?

The one that tops the list is curly cut that’s temporary. If you don’t want to use curling irons, you can simply depend on rollers. After putting in Velcro rollers for about ten minutes you can apply the curls holding spray to your hair and be relaxed the whole day.

Hairstyles Layered hairstyle is one style which is very easy to maintain provided you get it done from a reputed salon. The stylist too can give you easy tips on how to maintain the haircut depending upon you hair texture.

Is today your bad hair day? Don’t be worried. Put in many pins make a high held bun or a tucked hairstyle. You can also put in colourful clips to give it a funky look. Here you can also opt to make a high held pony tail.

Side swept hairstyle is also one of the simplest ones to sport. Just divide your hair into two portions keeping in mind that you must take out a side partition. It’s that simple!

The classic bob cut and the deep U cut never goes out of fashion and is the easiest to maintain. Just blow dry your hair, comb it properly and you’re done!

Low maintenance yet trendy is how we can describe these hairstyles. So if you lack time and are looking for a new hairstyle, just sport one of these cool haircuts to make you look different.

How A Hairstyle Can Change Your Entire Look!

The first striking feature in your entire look is the hairstyle you sport. So make sure you carry off a hairstyle that suits your face because a hairstyle can change your entire look! People often pay attention on the clothes they wear, the accessories they sport and the make-up they put on but equally important is the hairstyle. Even a minor change in one’s hairstyle can change the way a person is perceived. Hairstyles convey a lot about a person’s lifestyle, habits and qualities. An outdated hairstyle can leave a not-so-good impression, whereas a trendy and stylish look can speak favorably of the person.

Hairstyle If you’ve had enough of your old hairstyle and a want a make over that makes you feel rejoiced then one must keep a few things in mind. Firstly, it must be very clear what length of hair would you like to keep. Secondly, what style suits your face the most? Thirdly, you must thoroughly research the current trends before getting away with a new haircut. Consulting a reputed salon or stylist will also be a good option. They can give expert tips on what cut will suit you the most.

If your current haircut suits your face the most but you are still looking for a change that can spice up your mood, you can also go in for a hair colour. A hair colour again must be chosen with care, as it must suit you complexion.

A hairstyle not only speaks volumes about a person but it also determines the mood of a person. A bad or unmanageable hair cut can ruin a good mood whereas a trendy hair- do can work wonders in lifting your spirits.

So go ahead and check out the latest hair styles and change the way you look and feel!

Hair Styles For Summer and Monsoon

Hair styles that are ideal for summer and monsoon

Hair styles that are ideal for the months of the warm sun and the months of the monsoon rains are many in number. What with the introduction and the conceptualization of many a salon across the globe and many brands of spas and salons hitting the global market, with a bang, I must say, there is little left to the creative diversity of a hairdresser. This is because nearly every conceivable hairstyle or hairdressing style/method and every conceivable hair do have already been experimented with and has already been tried as well as tested! So now, the theory is to not come up with more and diverse haircuts, since there is already more than a million haircut and hairdo that is present in today’s’ new gen hair industry and hair fashion choices; the theory now is for hairdressers to be talented in their style of cutting and styling hair, therefore making their client go back or leave their salon as a happy customer, and this proof of talent is what makes the popularity polls of success for the hairdressers across the globe, and for them to hit global presence e and immense popularity.

Hair styles For Summer and Monsoon Hairdressers like Garren are super popular and in fact he probably is the most effectiovely famous hairdresser in the world in today’s times, or at least one of the best ranking ones in the globe. Garren, infamous for his studio salon called Garren, New York boasts of making hair and haircuts seem and feel effortless. Hairstyles that are ideal for summer would be the one that he (Garren) gave Victoria Beckham. A haircut that was cut short like a Bob haircut or hairdo, but with a razor edge and a few layers added on to the side of the hair or head. This haircut is so apt for the months of summer, wherein humidity and heat gets your hair to feel and to experience drudginess and this can be opted out of by opting in for this haircut or hairstyle/hairdo! The hair cut that is ideal for monsoon is one that is layered, light and can be tied up with ease. The other haircut that is good for summer is the layered, non fringed haircut or hairdo. The layers take the weight off of the hair and the hair and head feels light and breezy! Monsoon can do well with a short crop of hair as well!

Hair styles of the 70’s

Hair styles of the 70’s were typically large or then hairstyles that involved a lot of flicks. Flicks were a large part of the hair fashion in the 1970’s and the years that were part of that fashion era. The decade saw a rise and fall of different hairstyles but the extremely popular ones involved a parting of hair and flicks as well as strands of hair pulled and curled or tonged onto the side of the head on both sides, making the haircut and the hairstyle one that was of immense chic and looked beyond classy.

Hair styles of the 70’s Hairstyles of the 1970’s were curly or wavy and the parting brought about a comfort for women to dress or wear their hair in style, with rollers that made their hair on each side of their face curled up into soft curls/waves and this created a dramatized effect. The 1970’s was actually a time and an era that saw the birth of the curlers/rollers/jammers/tongs, each one of the terms referring to the same thing and having an effect that gained and crept up in popularity as well as remained a fashion element through many years and decades that followed. This kind of flowing wavy haircut may have or actually, truth be told, most definitely has had variations in the styles and cuts of the hair, but nevertheless, the haircut of the wavy hair syndrome has invariably remained a stylish haircut (with the variations or without) over many decades!

Hairstyle of the 1970’s were depicted in old fashioned hairdo’s like buns and tying up hair to the back of the head, and this is a good way and means to define the 1970’s as well. The decade of conservative dressing and bun styled conservative hair as well. Except the wavy haircut or hairstyle of waves and curls, or light tresses, that was not conservative and was in fact launched in this era for the first time. The pictures in this article depict the same. Also, what invariably became a success formula was the eventual use of tongs and rollers, such as the Braun brand of rollers and heaters that started to hit polaur waves in the 1980’s and in the 1970’s saw its initiation in the form of large rollers, which created heat and a waved or wavy look and effect for the hair, thereby making the hair wavy and cool!

Hair Blogs

Hair blogs- For Hair Related Discussions:

Hair blogs that discuss hair are great for people and especially women, who want to indulge in hair talk and hair gup-shup! Hair related information and discussions are a trendy and more essentially, a helpful thing for people to exchange notes on hair and hair aspects. Hair blogs are plenty in number but the best ones qualify as those that help in good hair talk and exchange of good as well as reliable ideas and details, hair blogs that do not provide any substantial information is not a good idea or suggestion for a blog or portal.

A blog that helps in a good and smooth exchange of information, as well as where discussions for hair are done without exchange of any personal details (making the blog safe to access) makes or comprises a good and a substantial blog.

From blogs that have logs on hair care, hair styles and more on hair, to blogs that concentrate on hair as a fashion element alone, one can fine many blogs to choose form in the arena (the huge and immaculate arena) of hair! Hair fashion today is one that is of not only gaining importance, it is a crucial part of any ensemble, at a fashion show, event or movie; and of course, not to mention, on a regular person’s agenda as well, for both formal, casual and daily occasions of life.

For more on blogs and more logs on hair and more care related to hair, read our website; you will leave the webpage feeling hairly satisfied (highly satisfied)

Which Hairstyle is the most Funky for Summer?

With summer time approaching, there are looks that are fast approaching too. By looks, I mean styles in fashion, dressing, hair, make up and a lot more! Hair is one of the most important features of a girl/woman and also the same applies to a man. Summer trends that are predicted as ones that are going to be popular this sunny summer are as listed:


  • Hats and caps to be worn with long, medium or short hair
  • Summer tanning will call for a good hair (rubber) band or scrunchie to tie up hair rather than flaunt it open! The moisture may add to making your hair greasy but when tied up, your hair looks fine and defined!
  • Do not forget to get hair clips and pins to do a bit of nip and tuck of a few strands of hair, this will allow you to freely meet the sun with a good sun block and a lemonade to sip!
  • Another must have is a nice pair of sunglasses that, when indoors can be worn or perched up on the top of your head, and when outdoors can be worn over your eyes!
  • Hairstyles that are going to be funky this summer are ones that have many cuts of the razor, to bring down volume of hair and bring in comfort to hair (razor cutting hair decreases the thickness and volume for hair and this is a bonus for summer, because after all, who wants greatly heavy tresses while you go down the streets blazing with the summer sun?)
  • Hairstyles that are also going to be in, trendy and funky this summer are pixie hairdo’s with shortness of length behind and on the sides and a bit of length in front! (refer previous articles of this website for more)

Permed Hair or Curlers

Permed hair is a way or a mechanism of curling hair in tightish curls, which is called perming. Permed hair use dot be so popularly done and undergone a few years ago, when people thought it was the coolest thing to possibly do. Today, of course with the various ways one can achieve straight or curly hair, there is a slight change in the graph of people who opt for perming hair.

Permed Hair or Curlers Perming hair will have an effect of curly until about six months, the same mechanism works for any treatment undergone, until new hair starts to grow or the present that grows from roots, the effect remains. Also, the hair that grows from the roots will be of the person’s normal texture and for this, the person has to use curlers to curl the hair to match with the remaining or the rest of the permed hair.

It is better, for one to have the options of curlers at their dressing table, for one can chose to curl hair at their convenience. What is you regret perming your hair. What a waste of time, energy and hair? What about the number of chemicals or heat that goes into a perming procedure. To avoid all this, having a straighter and a set of curlers, as part of your dressing table and this is, no doubt, an ideal and an apt idea.

For those who are sure they want to undergo perming, make sure you visit a salon that is good with their hair procedures and treatments. This is an important criterion in choosing where to go to get a good perming session done.

Straightening Hair- Options

Straightening hair is avoidable, this is because the kind of chemicals that go into a straightening process are quite damaging to hair and importantly, the chemicals make hair brittle and dry. Though today, there is a new option of milk straightening hair with products that are lighter and easier on the chemical front, it is still important to keep in mind that any treatments, whether light or heavy in terms of chemically laden will still have an impact on hair.Yes, there are heat protectors, popularly by companies or brands such as Tony and Guy which make really effective protective sprays with protein for hair to be maintained and protected from excessive damage.

Straightening Hair

Yes, there are heat protectors, popularly by companies or brands such as Tony and Guy which make really effective protective sprays with protein for hair to be maintained and protected from excessive damage.

Nevertheless, the options for straightening hair are using an iron, which is the simplest and the quickest way to do so; (for iron choosing, choose the range of Remington- it is one of the finest brands for hair services). Getting a straightening, bonding or relaxo treatment done to hair are good options to straighten it out; they are all names of treatments done by slightly variable means to achieve straight hair that last you until your hair grows, then the roots onwards start to become back to your normal hair texture, as the hair is growing and hair grows from the roots and not the ends/edges.

Keeping all of these pointers in mind, it is safe to imagine that the iron mechanism of straightening hair is a quick and an efficient way to get straight hair, for you never know whether you mind may waver and you may want curly hair tomorrow, in which case keep your set of curlers ready by the dressing table!