Best Hairstyles For Your Face

While getting a new hairstyle, the first question that arises in the mind is what hairstyle will suit my face? Seeking anyone’s opinion might or might not appeal to you. Wouldn’t that be great if you know yourself which hairstyle is best for your face? Here is a guide to hairstyles for all kinds of face types.

If you have a round and a fuller face, a hairstyle that is high on the crown area with hair covering the contours of your face is best suited. This kind of a cut will make you face look thinner and longer. If you have short hair, grow them at least longer than your chin.

Hairstyles Women blessed with an oval shaped face can sport almost all hairstyles! Both long and short hair lengths will suit you. So go ahead and get any hairstyle that appeals you the most.

A square faced shape must have short to medium length hair style. Take out side partition and make sure your hair are high on the crown area. Wavy hairstyle will suit your face the most.

Heart shaped face are game for shorter haircuts. Chop your locks to chin level but avoid styles that are high on the crown area. You may get flicks done too.

A long face looks the best with short to medium length hairstyles. Layered cuts and bouncy hairstyles will suit your face type.

Triangle faces or the ones with wider chins and narrower foreheads must also stick to shorter hairstyles. A hairstyle that is prominent on your jaw line is a complete no-no!

If you have both, large forehead and longer chin area then long hair are the best for you. Avoid curls. Go in for a straightening and show off your long cascading hair.

In a nut shell you must always get a hairstyle that suits your face and makes you look better than ever before.

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