Choices of Hair Styles for Summer

This summer, go cool! This summer, cut short. Go easy. Go stylish. With the heat of the summer fast approaching, one wants to make sure that she or he has a good and comfortable hair style that they can maintain through the long, sunny and sweaty months of the blazing summer.  Summer time is a time of year, in India, where women like to dress minimal and where there is no scope for very long hair styles or rather, there is little scope to walk around sporting or opening hair that is long and styled. Yet, there are many a hair style and cut that are comfortable and wonderful for the months of summer and these are styles that are to aid comfort and feasibility of wear of hair over summer!

Hair Styles for SummerThe choices of hairstyles for summer should be styles that are suit your personality, that being number one and that are comfortable! Choosing a hairstyle that does not suit your personality, face structure or is un comfortable is a completely bad choice of hairstyle and will not look sporty or nice for summer or any other time as it is not either of the former stated attributes.

Choices for summer could be short and fun haircuts or styles. Haircuts like the Pixie cut which leans towards short hair, or short cropped or tiny layered hair that is short is also wonderfully well-manageable for summer. Choices for summer to go with the above mentioned hairdo’s or haircuts is to try and be as hydrated as possible.

Drink up- Drink water, drink fruit juices, drink coconut water out of the shell, feeling like a real beach body and if you tan, do not forget to carry a sun block with proper uv rays filters and a good hat (cool look for summer- big hats with or without bows and accessorizing)

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