Types of Hair do’s and Hair Styles

Over centuries, there have been so many hair do’s, hair styles and haircuts that have come in vogue and gone out of vogue (the word vogue refers to something that is considered to be ‘in fashion’ or ‘in style’) and styles regarding hair that have kept changing over time, and few which kept getting variations, that today, it’s safe to say that there have been hundreds and thousands of hairdo’s that have taken precedence at different times/ages.


The most generally sought after hairdo’s or hairstyles are the below listed. They qualify as styles that are most often taken to. They also qualify as styles and dos that are sported by people for comfort as well as to keep up with the fashion meter scale:

  • Layered hair cut/hair style. Any length of hair, when cut with layers is a good option for a hair style. Layers add refinement and style to a haircut.
  • Bangs and razor cut hair are a new age hairdo or a hairstyle. Bangs allow the forehead to be covered when one wishes, and can be worn on the side with hair-pins/clips when desired.
  • Razor sharp cut takes away the thickness of hair, making it look light and flow around the face.
  • Short hair can be worn in recent times- shaggily, in recent and previous times (with a few variations done of recent)- short cropped or bob hair cut/style. The variations of recent times to a bob hair-cut is the possible addition of a stylish half-fringe or few strands of hair, cut-together as bangs. Otherwise the bob-hair look is a common one and is a roundish haircut which is up till the ears.
  • Pony-tailed hair or tied up hair is a very classic look to sport and is one that portrays a look that is neat and semi-formal.
  • Hair do’s that involve back-combing is a recent and a very popularized trend to wear on or sport. The key is to comb your hair from behind the strands of hair in front, giving the hair a big or a mega look, and tying the hair up from behind. This look is super cool and resembles a true originated rock star look!
  • The other hairdo that is a good one for the summer months approaching is to bunch up hair in a bun or a hairclip that is binding, making hair comfortable and giving it a tied together feel.

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