Low Maintenance Hairstyles

Once you’ve got bored with the same old hair style, you easily walk in to a salon and get a brand new haircut done for you. In a day or two you start feeling that something is lacking. What’s lacking here is maintenance. If you do not maintain your new hairstyle, it will soon lose its glamour and all the efforts will seem to go wasted. So why not get a haircut which makes you look good and is also low on maintenance?

The one that tops the list is curly cut that’s temporary. If you don’t want to use curling irons, you can simply depend on rollers. After putting in Velcro rollers for about ten minutes you can apply the curls holding spray to your hair and be relaxed the whole day.

Hairstyles Layered hairstyle is one style which is very easy to maintain provided you get it done from a reputed salon. The stylist too can give you easy tips on how to maintain the haircut depending upon you hair texture.

Is today your bad hair day? Don’t be worried. Put in many pins make a high held bun or a tucked hairstyle. You can also put in colourful clips to give it a funky look. Here you can also opt to make a high held pony tail.

Side swept hairstyle is also one of the simplest ones to sport. Just divide your hair into two portions keeping in mind that you must take out a side partition. It’s that simple!

The classic bob cut and the deep U cut never goes out of fashion and is the easiest to maintain. Just blow dry your hair, comb it properly and you’re done!

Low maintenance yet trendy is how we can describe these hairstyles. So if you lack time and are looking for a new hairstyle, just sport one of these cool haircuts to make you look different.

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