Which Hairstyle is the most Funky for Summer?

With summer time approaching, there are looks that are fast approaching too. By looks, I mean styles in fashion, dressing, hair, make up and a lot more! Hair is one of the most important features of a girl/woman and also the same applies to a man. Summer trends that are predicted as ones that are going to be popular this sunny summer are as listed:


  • Hats and caps to be worn with long, medium or short hair
  • Summer tanning will call for a good hair (rubber) band or scrunchie to tie up hair rather than flaunt it open! The moisture may add to making your hair greasy but when tied up, your hair looks fine and defined!
  • Do not forget to get hair clips and pins to do a bit of nip and tuck of a few strands of hair, this will allow you to freely meet the sun with a good sun block and a lemonade to sip!
  • Another must have is a nice pair of sunglasses that, when indoors can be worn or perched up on the top of your head, and when outdoors can be worn over your eyes!
  • Hairstyles that are going to be funky this summer are ones that have many cuts of the razor, to bring down volume of hair and bring in comfort to hair (razor cutting hair decreases the thickness and volume for hair and this is a bonus for summer, because after all, who wants greatly heavy tresses while you go down the streets blazing with the summer sun?)
  • Hairstyles that are also going to be in, trendy and funky this summer are pixie hairdo’s with shortness of length behind and on the sides and a bit of length in front! (refer previous articles of this website for more)

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