Hair styles of the 70’s

Hair styles of the 70’s were typically large or then hairstyles that involved a lot of flicks. Flicks were a large part of the hair fashion in the 1970’s and the years that were part of that fashion era. The decade saw a rise and fall of different hairstyles but the extremely popular ones involved a parting of hair and flicks as well as strands of hair pulled and curled or tonged onto the side of the head on both sides, making the haircut and the hairstyle one that was of immense chic and looked beyond classy.

Hair styles of the 70’s Hairstyles of the 1970’s were curly or wavy and the parting brought about a comfort for women to dress or wear their hair in style, with rollers that made their hair on each side of their face curled up into soft curls/waves and this created a dramatized effect. The 1970’s was actually a time and an era that saw the birth of the curlers/rollers/jammers/tongs, each one of the terms referring to the same thing and having an effect that gained and crept up in popularity as well as remained a fashion element through many years and decades that followed. This kind of flowing wavy haircut may have or actually, truth be told, most definitely has had variations in the styles and cuts of the hair, but nevertheless, the haircut of the wavy hair syndrome has invariably remained a stylish haircut (with the variations or without) over many decades!

Hairstyle of the 1970’s were depicted in old fashioned hairdo’s like buns and tying up hair to the back of the head, and this is a good way and means to define the 1970’s as well. The decade of conservative dressing and bun styled conservative hair as well. Except the wavy haircut or hairstyle of waves and curls, or light tresses, that was not conservative and was in fact launched in this era for the first time. The pictures in this article depict the same. Also, what invariably became a success formula was the eventual use of tongs and rollers, such as the Braun brand of rollers and heaters that started to hit polaur waves in the 1980’s and in the 1970’s saw its initiation in the form of large rollers, which created heat and a waved or wavy look and effect for the hair, thereby making the hair wavy and cool!

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