Straightening Hair- Options

Straightening hair is avoidable, this is because the kind of chemicals that go into a straightening process are quite damaging to hair and importantly, the chemicals make hair brittle and dry. Though today, there is a new option of milk straightening hair with products that are lighter and easier on the chemical front, it is still important to keep in mind that any treatments, whether light or heavy in terms of chemically laden will still have an impact on hair.Yes, there are heat protectors, popularly by companies or brands such as Tony and Guy which make really effective protective sprays with protein for hair to be maintained and protected from excessive damage.

Straightening Hair

Yes, there are heat protectors, popularly by companies or brands such as Tony and Guy which make really effective protective sprays with protein for hair to be maintained and protected from excessive damage.

Nevertheless, the options for straightening hair are using an iron, which is the simplest and the quickest way to do so; (for iron choosing, choose the range of Remington- it is one of the finest brands for hair services). Getting a straightening, bonding or relaxo treatment done to hair are good options to straighten it out; they are all names of treatments done by slightly variable means to achieve straight hair that last you until your hair grows, then the roots onwards start to become back to your normal hair texture, as the hair is growing and hair grows from the roots and not the ends/edges.

Keeping all of these pointers in mind, it is safe to imagine that the iron mechanism of straightening hair is a quick and an efficient way to get straight hair, for you never know whether you mind may waver and you may want curly hair tomorrow, in which case keep your set of curlers ready by the dressing table!

How to Choose a Right Hair Colour

To choose a right colour is a task as well as an art. While not everybody has a keen eye for art, it is similar for hair colour as well. Not everyone will have a keen eye for hair colour either. This makes it important for one to discuss and consult hair specialists or specialist at salons to choose or to be able to decide which hair colour suits them the most.

Hair ColourWhile there are coulours like Burgundy and shades of brown that are immacutley polaur with the masses, in general, there are funky colours like violet , purple, blues and pinks that also look trendy on some. There are highlight colours like golden and silver which have been there since years, taking precedence as two of the most old and established hair highlight colour choices in the world,, possibly.

Today, even Burgundy has shades that are different and can be chosen from. Browns are a hundred in number, with the slightest hint of change amongst the colourings. With all of these possible variations, it is obvious and evident that choosing a hair colour, that suits you5r hair type, hair style, face structure (facial structure) and persona is a task and one that requires a good think and more importantly, a good judgement of the same.

This website, as promised, will provide one with the rightful information to hair needs. For fair skin and even toned skin, a choice of golden highlights with a dash of brown or burgundy will look precise and lovely. For tanned or a heavier tone of skin, light shades of brown or even some added colourings will look stylish. These act as a few tips for a good choice in hair colouring.

Hair Magazines & Websites

Hair magazines and websites for the latest on hair

Hair magazines and websites that are good for the latest in the wide world of hair fashion and hair are as shown below:

1. Hair Magazines This website is one of the best domains you could find for hair related information, up-to-date knowledge and gup-shup.

2. Website called style-hair magazine-com is a good one for hair and virtual information

3. Love your is another well read website for hair related information and queries.

4. Beauty launch pad- the magazine for hair and hair aspects

5. Hair mode- A Japanese hair fashion magazine

6. American salon- A magazine or literature for the American salon owner.

7. Hair finder- Search portal/domain for finding names that you are looking for in hair magazine categories

8.Hair magazines that are well read are many but the ideal way to read for hair care or better hair is to view a magazine that you and your hair relates most to and with. That is the basis to choose a good platform for viewing and reading regarding hair. This website helps in acting as a platform and a mechanism to understand and derive archives on hair and hair related aspects. Hair is such an important and a visible part of a person’s personality as well as appearance.

There are several websites that are good and informative sites for hair related queries. Even speaking to tricologists, hair experts and salon specialists are good ideas to gain a good insight and knowledge into the various layers (aspects) of hair. It is a must to be aware of your hair, hair needs and be up-to-date on your hair assessment. This website will have updated details on hair! Read on! Be aware! These are all good elements of staying in style and staying in fashion.

Hair Styles that Require the Least Maintenance

Hair styles which involve tying up hair in a bun or a pony-tail or styles of hair that involve leaving hair open and loosely flowing across ones’ shoulders or wait (depending on long or medium length of hair) are the hairstyles that require least maintenance. This is because for tying up hair, one just has to comb hair and fit it together in a bun or a hairscrunchie.

Simple Hair StylesOne does not have to pay excessive attention to the knots, the un-rulyness of hair and so on. For hair that is left open after wash, without a blow-dry or a brush run through it post drying, there is less maintenance only if one has hair that falls beautifully well without any work done for it to look that way. I guess that there are only a few as luck as that to have natural Barbie doll looking hair!

Maintenance is not a bad thing. Maintenance of hair by the use of tonics for nourishment and health is useful to protect and care for your hair! Using good shampoos and conditioners are only good for your hair, and not harmful. Yes, it is true that hair that is hair-sprayed, gelled or serumed, along or besides blow-drying or any other treatment of heat or curling to your hair, is harmful for it.

It makes hair dry, brittle and can cause hair fall. Today, there are protective creams and sprays before any heat treatment to your hair for hair protection but yet, it is advisable for people to not style hair with products and creams too much. Only do so when necessary or for an occasion that you would want to dress up for. For more on hair products and hair adorning, here is where you would get your fix!

Popular Hairstyles of 2009

Hair styles of the previous year- which was listed among the most popular hairstyles of 2009?

2009 saw about 2009 trends come and go, (in a manner of speaking, it means that many trends were seen and gone in the year 2009) the ones that were popular were looks that were comfortable (looking). Bandanas were worn by young boys and girls over ripped jeans and shorts (bandana is a head band that is tied around the forehead).

Popular Hairstyles of 2009 The layers that one could see in hair that were of any conceivable length were also popular. Layers that were well done and that were stylish reflected on the many hair salons and hairstylists that have gained popularity in recent times, and trends of hair that are given far more importance that

The most popular hairstyles also encompassed looks like the hair banded, Barbie doll look which was considered superbly popular and effervescent! Barbie doll looks make a girl look feminine and the hairstyles of Barbie anyway are considered super glossy and fabulous! With hair like Barbie’s, no one would want any other kind of hair.

Like the most famous doll in history, many women too wore the same hair, bouncy, layered and pretty.

The styles of the pixie look and the variations of the same were seen as well in the last year. The looks that were simple yet charming were seen on  international stars, including the simple and elegant look of the new and reformed Freida Pinto, actress who reached dizzying heights of success with her debut in Slumdog Millionaire, making her a phenomena in the world of Hollywood and style! These above mentioned were the most effervescently popular trends that were seen in the area of hairstyles and do’s in the last year – which is the year of bouncing, bubbly trendy-licious hair – the year 2009.

Hair Fashion

Hair fashion- An essential part in the world of fashion

Hair fashion – fashion comprises many elements, as you would obviously know! It is not just make up or clothes or hair, it is a mix of all of these elements. And hair is a super important part in the wide and glitzy world of fashion. Models spend a lot of time before taking on the ramp (before walking the ramp), on their hair do’s and styles for their hair.

Hair is essential because a wrong haircut or do may spoil a person’s physical features or mar them! A person’s persona shines with the right use of hair product and more importantly, with the right hair itself (meaning the right haircut or hairstyle).

Hair Fashion

Hair fashion is a category that is super imperative and a glamorous portion of the widespread fashion industry across the globe. Tell me, which country does not concentrate on hairdos today? Every country does, every nation has their top model adorning the best in hair fashion.

Hair today, tops tomorrow! It means that hair styles worn today by a top model of a country will set an example for many people to imitate and copy the same, making way for the birth of a new hair trend or new hair fashion.

This is common knowledge that celebrities have a big influence on consumerism. Today, if a model or an actor has a particular hairdo and that celebrity (model or actor) is famous and well-renowned, then you will see how the public start to imitate that trend almost immediately….

Hair fashion is as essential and givena s much of prominence as any other area of fashion today. Hair care and hair fashion advice is often available to one, when  one visits the websites, blogs or meets people who specialize in hair!

Older Hair Styles that Are Back in Fashion

Older hairstyles that are back with a bang, as one may like to call it, in the world of fashion, are braided hair and tied hair. Big hairdo’s were a very famous trend of the past but it is not such a famous trend any more. Tied up hair, a thing of the past which has present acclaim as well is a back-in-fashion style of hair. Tied up hair , either via a rubber=band (hair band/scrunchie) or tied behind hair with the use of a hair band that is bug; or then tying up of hair completely in a bun are all very popular and famous styles of hair. And these are very trendy in the fashion scene.

Older Hair Styles It is a grandmother’s tale that oil for hair is good and post oiling, braiding hair is essential for neatness and growth of hair. This trend of braided has come back with a definite thud on the fashion circuit, creating waves with its dimensions. The dimensions of braided hair refer to the various ways in which one can braid hair today. Tiny braids with colored pins/rubber bands, big braids with clips and scrunchies are a few ways to adorn one’s braid / braids.

These are few older hair styles that are back in the immensely large and fascinating circuit of fashion, where trends sometimes emerge out of nowhere and where, sometimes trends jump right up from the past and get blended with the fashion of today. As eccentric is the understanding of fashion, so are the trends that are part of the fashion world!

There are hair styles of buched up hair and hair twirls that were also completely seen in the heads of many a woman in the early as well as the late part of the 80’s and these trends have sprung up again.

Hair Styles of The 80′s

Hair styles that were popular in the 1980’s were visible in the movies / cinema of the 80’s. The hair do’s of the 80’s mostly were ‘big’. By big, I mean the hairstyles and the hairdo’s involved hair that was made voluminous and big in style. The big hairstyles were in….the pictures below will depict the fashion of the 80’s. Big hair was a thing of the past, as very rarely does one entertain that look in the present day and age!

Hair Styles of The 80'sBig hair that looked like you could fit a nest in it, was a thing of fashion, a thing of style and a style statement. Nest like- Big hair was worn by models, women strutting down the streets of Madison Avenue and many more ladies. It was commonly a trend that was most visible in the United Sates and even many a part of the United Kingdom.

Besides big hair do’s, which were even seen on many Indian veteran actresses like Saira Banu, there were other popular looks as well. The big bang look with big and thick bangs over long straight or wavy hair, tie up in a plait or braids, or then tied together in a high ponytail was a famous trend of the 80’s as well.

Hair styles that belonged to the era of the 80’s were also cuts and styles that involved haircuts that reached the side of a woman/girl’s face and made the hair look like sideburns/side locks (preferably curled up at the end near the ear to give a stylish impact to the hairstyle).

There were braided hair do’s that have been popular from time immemorial. That look is yet a popular one, except there are variations that are done in today’s braided hairdo’s, with tinier braids and clips that are added. These are the examples of the popular hairdo’s of the 80’s!

Hair Styles That are Seen on Most Celebrities

Celebrities have styles of hair that keep differing from time to time. But the most assumed celebrity haircut or hairstyle would definitely entail the presence of a few layers in the haircut! Celebrities have phases where they like to have hairstyles accordingly! Take singer Rihaana for example; she has been mentioned on this website multiple times for her fun hairstyles!

Jennifer Lopaz Hair StylesFrom sporting a short hair do, to a pixie cut (one with long hair in front and short from behind and a bit droopy to the side), there is a lot that this singer has experimented with her hair and this makes her style a statement and one that is effectively talked about.

Rihanna is a style icon and this is why her hair, whatever she may choose to adron become a world wide craze or a world seen phenomena. One can actually see this iconic pop star’s pixie haired look hit the social scene and the public in a major way! Many people who did not want to touch their hair, went ahead to get pixie style hair cuts!

Take singer Jennifer Lopaz (the famous J Lo) who also looks great because of her fashion sense and her style in hair do’s and haircuts. The songs where she adorns her hair with accessories like hats and clips are popular with the public and the songs where she decides to go the opposite of a hair down look, by tying up hair and gelling it tightly together gives a symbolic look of chic and party-going at the same time.

Hair styles that are otherwise seen on celebrities are hairstyles that are mostly layered (in short, medium or long length hair) and often, with the presence of a few bangs to add effect. Also, keep in mind that celebrities have stylists that work on their hair on nearly every occasion that they get seen publically!

Hair Styles for Formal Occasions

Hairstyles for formal occasions are ones that will look good for any formal occasion. Going to a wedding party- there are looks for hair that are prescribed ones for weddings and such occasions; tied up hair in buns that can be worn with a flower or a string of attached flowers on the circumference of your hair bun is a good idea for a wedding occasion- with an Indian Saree, Salwar Kameez or even a Kurta/Kurti over pants.

A Dress worn to a church wedding can be worn with a beautiful tulip with tied up hair with the assistance of pins and clips.

Torn jeans is the ultimate funky look and for this rugged, casual look, hair that is twirled or crimped looks grunge and nice. The grunge look is a look that is rugged and is trendy, in a young and sporty way. Many youngsters sport this kind of grunge look.

Hair Styles for Formal OccasionsFor a party or evening out, wear a dress/pants with your hair left open, nicely done (blow-dried, set by an iron or a set of curlers- depending on the kind of hairdo that you want to have). You can also wear your hair neatly tied up in a pony-tail that is midway to high and low, with a nice pair of formal studded earrings.

A hat is also a completely formal look, but will look good only at occasions like a formal gathering, the Derby or Church for Sunday Mass. With the above given details on dressing sensibilities for formal occasions, go ahead and dress! Dress well, dress up!

Dressing up your hair with good care and a good style can be done easily with the choices one sees in the shelves of a super market or a cosmetic store and it is easy today! Easier than it ever was and it is filled with options.