Hair Styles that Require the Least Maintenance

Hair styles which involve tying up hair in a bun or a pony-tail or styles of hair that involve leaving hair open and loosely flowing across ones’ shoulders or wait (depending on long or medium length of hair) are the hairstyles that require least maintenance. This is because for tying up hair, one just has to comb hair and fit it together in a bun or a hairscrunchie.

Simple Hair StylesOne does not have to pay excessive attention to the knots, the un-rulyness of hair and so on. For hair that is left open after wash, without a blow-dry or a brush run through it post drying, there is less maintenance only if one has hair that falls beautifully well without any work done for it to look that way. I guess that there are only a few as luck as that to have natural Barbie doll looking hair!

Maintenance is not a bad thing. Maintenance of hair by the use of tonics for nourishment and health is useful to protect and care for your hair! Using good shampoos and conditioners are only good for your hair, and not harmful. Yes, it is true that hair that is hair-sprayed, gelled or serumed, along or besides blow-drying or any other treatment of heat or curling to your hair, is harmful for it.

It makes hair dry, brittle and can cause hair fall. Today, there are protective creams and sprays before any heat treatment to your hair for hair protection but yet, it is advisable for people to not style hair with products and creams too much. Only do so when necessary or for an occasion that you would want to dress up for. For more on hair products and hair adorning, here is where you would get your fix!

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