Hair Styles of The 80′s

Hair styles that were popular in the 1980’s were visible in the movies / cinema of the 80’s. The hair do’s of the 80’s mostly were ‘big’. By big, I mean the hairstyles and the hairdo’s involved hair that was made voluminous and big in style. The big hairstyles were in….the pictures below will depict the fashion of the 80’s. Big hair was a thing of the past, as very rarely does one entertain that look in the present day and age!

Hair Styles of The 80'sBig hair that looked like you could fit a nest in it, was a thing of fashion, a thing of style and a style statement. Nest like- Big hair was worn by models, women strutting down the streets of Madison Avenue and many more ladies. It was commonly a trend that was most visible in the United Sates and even many a part of the United Kingdom.

Besides big hair do’s, which were even seen on many Indian veteran actresses like Saira Banu, there were other popular looks as well. The big bang look with big and thick bangs over long straight or wavy hair, tie up in a plait or braids, or then tied together in a high ponytail was a famous trend of the 80’s as well.

Hair styles that belonged to the era of the 80’s were also cuts and styles that involved haircuts that reached the side of a woman/girl’s face and made the hair look like sideburns/side locks (preferably curled up at the end near the ear to give a stylish impact to the hairstyle).

There were braided hair do’s that have been popular from time immemorial. That look is yet a popular one, except there are variations that are done in today’s braided hairdo’s, with tinier braids and clips that are added. These are the examples of the popular hairdo’s of the 80’s!

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