Hair Style Predictions for 2010

Hair styles can change and differ as per a person’s choice, mood or most importantly depending on what suits the person. There are some predictions for hair styles for the year 2010 and they are as shown below:

Hair Style Predictions

1. The Pixie cut is predicted to be an in-cut or an in-style (meaning a fashionable and trendy cut or style) in the year 2010. A Pixie cut is a haircut for women; which generally means the hair at the sides and the back would be cut short and the top would be long or slightly layered.

2. Cute haircuts and short hair do’s are going to be popular in the year 2010. With the likes of singer Rihaana (one of the biggest music iconic figures Internationally) going experimental with her hair, at times with a Pixie cut and at times with a short hair do at times; and with Indian actor (actress) Priyanka Chopra chopping off her hair to promote her recent film, Pyaar Impossible; making her hair popular, which is more than one can say for the movie’s performance at the box office.

3. While some think that diverse haircuts will be in, a personal prediction form this website for 2010 is that though diversity in hairstyles is a good thing and a very safe assumption for recent times, with people being comfortable with experimentation with their hair, there is going to be the layered hair variations that are going to be top in the list of most popular trends for 2010.

4. Highlights for hair is going to be as popular as it has been in the last few years.. The concept of highlights just on few strands of hair, or even dark or funky shades of colour for highlights is going to be visible as a trend of popularity for 2010.

These are some of the hairstyle predictions that are predicted to be apparent and an integral part of the year 2010 in it’s fashionable hair scenario!

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