Choices of Hair Styles For Winter

Winter comes and it brings with it openness for hair style choices, there can be so many one can choose from. Winter time is the best time to grow out your hair, to wear your hair (layered, razored or not) open and loose, and it is an amazing time to wear your hair in different styles. Winter in India is when the women do not hesistate a minute before opening their tresses of hair, as this is a time of year when there is no concern about humidity factors or heat elements or the need to tie up and bun up hair as there is less exposure to sunlight and the sun shines milder than in summer. This makes it feasible to try out many a cut freely over winter time.

Hair Styles For WinterWinter hairdo’s are hairstyles that are good for winter. For instance, a hairstyle that is long, layered and left open, with the presence of a pretty looking hair clip on the side of the hair (with or without a few bangs to add effect) is a great look for winter.

Winter time brings with it the possibility to wear a nice hooded top, which covers your head, which can previously be tied up in a pony-tail or bun.

Pony tails with a nice hair band over jeans is a great option to go out for a casual lunch or coffee. Sporting a jacket look with a hair band over slightly blow dried hair (make sure that you use a protective spray before heat treatment to your hair-any kind of heat treatment, may it be a hair spray or a hair serum- this helps to protect hair from breakage and it helps to maintain a good texture of hair as well, which tends to dry up in winter months).

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