Popular Hairstyles of 2009

Hair styles of the previous year- which was listed among the most popular hairstyles of 2009?

2009 saw about 2009 trends come and go, (in a manner of speaking, it means that many trends were seen and gone in the year 2009) the ones that were popular were looks that were comfortable (looking). Bandanas were worn by young boys and girls over ripped jeans and shorts (bandana is a head band that is tied around the forehead).

Popular Hairstyles of 2009 The layers that one could see in hair that were of any conceivable length were also popular. Layers that were well done and that were stylish reflected on the many hair salons and hairstylists that have gained popularity in recent times, and trends of hair that are given far more importance that

The most popular hairstyles also encompassed looks like the hair banded, Barbie doll look which was considered superbly popular and effervescent! Barbie doll looks make a girl look feminine and the hairstyles of Barbie anyway are considered super glossy and fabulous! With hair like Barbie’s, no one would want any other kind of hair.

Like the most famous doll in history, many women too wore the same hair, bouncy, layered and pretty.

The styles of the pixie look and the variations of the same were seen as well in the last year. The looks that were simple yet charming were seen on  international stars, including the simple and elegant look of the new and reformed Freida Pinto, actress who reached dizzying heights of success with her debut in Slumdog Millionaire, making her a phenomena in the world of Hollywood and style! These above mentioned were the most effervescently popular trends that were seen in the area of hairstyles and do’s in the last year – which is the year of bouncing, bubbly trendy-licious hair – the year 2009.

Older Hair Styles that Are Back in Fashion

Older hairstyles that are back with a bang, as one may like to call it, in the world of fashion, are braided hair and tied hair. Big hairdo’s were a very famous trend of the past but it is not such a famous trend any more. Tied up hair, a thing of the past which has present acclaim as well is a back-in-fashion style of hair. Tied up hair , either via a rubber=band (hair band/scrunchie) or tied behind hair with the use of a hair band that is bug; or then tying up of hair completely in a bun are all very popular and famous styles of hair. And these are very trendy in the fashion scene.

Older Hair Styles It is a grandmother’s tale that oil for hair is good and post oiling, braiding hair is essential for neatness and growth of hair. This trend of braided has come back with a definite thud on the fashion circuit, creating waves with its dimensions. The dimensions of braided hair refer to the various ways in which one can braid hair today. Tiny braids with colored pins/rubber bands, big braids with clips and scrunchies are a few ways to adorn one’s braid / braids.

These are few older hair styles that are back in the immensely large and fascinating circuit of fashion, where trends sometimes emerge out of nowhere and where, sometimes trends jump right up from the past and get blended with the fashion of today. As eccentric is the understanding of fashion, so are the trends that are part of the fashion world!

There are hair styles of buched up hair and hair twirls that were also completely seen in the heads of many a woman in the early as well as the late part of the 80’s and these trends have sprung up again.

Hair Styles of The 80′s

Hair styles that were popular in the 1980’s were visible in the movies / cinema of the 80’s. The hair do’s of the 80’s mostly were ‘big’. By big, I mean the hairstyles and the hairdo’s involved hair that was made voluminous and big in style. The big hairstyles were in….the pictures below will depict the fashion of the 80’s. Big hair was a thing of the past, as very rarely does one entertain that look in the present day and age!

Hair Styles of The 80'sBig hair that looked like you could fit a nest in it, was a thing of fashion, a thing of style and a style statement. Nest like- Big hair was worn by models, women strutting down the streets of Madison Avenue and many more ladies. It was commonly a trend that was most visible in the United Sates and even many a part of the United Kingdom.

Besides big hair do’s, which were even seen on many Indian veteran actresses like Saira Banu, there were other popular looks as well. The big bang look with big and thick bangs over long straight or wavy hair, tie up in a plait or braids, or then tied together in a high ponytail was a famous trend of the 80’s as well.

Hair styles that belonged to the era of the 80’s were also cuts and styles that involved haircuts that reached the side of a woman/girl’s face and made the hair look like sideburns/side locks (preferably curled up at the end near the ear to give a stylish impact to the hairstyle).

There were braided hair do’s that have been popular from time immemorial. That look is yet a popular one, except there are variations that are done in today’s braided hairdo’s, with tinier braids and clips that are added. These are the examples of the popular hairdo’s of the 80’s!

Hair Styles That are Seen on Most Celebrities

Celebrities have styles of hair that keep differing from time to time. But the most assumed celebrity haircut or hairstyle would definitely entail the presence of a few layers in the haircut! Celebrities have phases where they like to have hairstyles accordingly! Take singer Rihaana for example; she has been mentioned on this website multiple times for her fun hairstyles!

Jennifer Lopaz Hair StylesFrom sporting a short hair do, to a pixie cut (one with long hair in front and short from behind and a bit droopy to the side), there is a lot that this singer has experimented with her hair and this makes her style a statement and one that is effectively talked about.

Rihanna is a style icon and this is why her hair, whatever she may choose to adron become a world wide craze or a world seen phenomena. One can actually see this iconic pop star’s pixie haired look hit the social scene and the public in a major way! Many people who did not want to touch their hair, went ahead to get pixie style hair cuts!

Take singer Jennifer Lopaz (the famous J Lo) who also looks great because of her fashion sense and her style in hair do’s and haircuts. The songs where she adorns her hair with accessories like hats and clips are popular with the public and the songs where she decides to go the opposite of a hair down look, by tying up hair and gelling it tightly together gives a symbolic look of chic and party-going at the same time.

Hair styles that are otherwise seen on celebrities are hairstyles that are mostly layered (in short, medium or long length hair) and often, with the presence of a few bangs to add effect. Also, keep in mind that celebrities have stylists that work on their hair on nearly every occasion that they get seen publically!

Hair Style Predictions for 2010

Hair styles can change and differ as per a person’s choice, mood or most importantly depending on what suits the person. There are some predictions for hair styles for the year 2010 and they are as shown below:

Hair Style Predictions

1. The Pixie cut is predicted to be an in-cut or an in-style (meaning a fashionable and trendy cut or style) in the year 2010. A Pixie cut is a haircut for women; which generally means the hair at the sides and the back would be cut short and the top would be long or slightly layered.

2. Cute haircuts and short hair do’s are going to be popular in the year 2010. With the likes of singer Rihaana (one of the biggest music iconic figures Internationally) going experimental with her hair, at times with a Pixie cut and at times with a short hair do at times; and with Indian actor (actress) Priyanka Chopra chopping off her hair to promote her recent film, Pyaar Impossible; making her hair popular, which is more than one can say for the movie’s performance at the box office.

3. While some think that diverse haircuts will be in, a personal prediction form this website for 2010 is that though diversity in hairstyles is a good thing and a very safe assumption for recent times, with people being comfortable with experimentation with their hair, there is going to be the layered hair variations that are going to be top in the list of most popular trends for 2010.

4. Highlights for hair is going to be as popular as it has been in the last few years.. The concept of highlights just on few strands of hair, or even dark or funky shades of colour for highlights is going to be visible as a trend of popularity for 2010.

These are some of the hairstyle predictions that are predicted to be apparent and an integral part of the year 2010 in it’s fashionable hair scenario!