Hair Magazines & Websites

Hair magazines and websites for the latest on hair

Hair magazines and websites that are good for the latest in the wide world of hair fashion and hair are as shown below:

1. Hair Magazines This website is one of the best domains you could find for hair related information, up-to-date knowledge and gup-shup.

2. Website called style-hair magazine-com is a good one for hair and virtual information

3. Love your is another well read website for hair related information and queries.

4. Beauty launch pad- the magazine for hair and hair aspects

5. Hair mode- A Japanese hair fashion magazine

6. American salon- A magazine or literature for the American salon owner.

7. Hair finder- Search portal/domain for finding names that you are looking for in hair magazine categories

8.Hair magazines that are well read are many but the ideal way to read for hair care or better hair is to view a magazine that you and your hair relates most to and with. That is the basis to choose a good platform for viewing and reading regarding hair. This website helps in acting as a platform and a mechanism to understand and derive archives on hair and hair related aspects. Hair is such an important and a visible part of a person’s personality as well as appearance.

There are several websites that are good and informative sites for hair related queries. Even speaking to tricologists, hair experts and salon specialists are good ideas to gain a good insight and knowledge into the various layers (aspects) of hair. It is a must to be aware of your hair, hair needs and be up-to-date on your hair assessment. This website will have updated details on hair! Read on! Be aware! These are all good elements of staying in style and staying in fashion.

Hair Styles that Require the Least Maintenance

Hair styles which involve tying up hair in a bun or a pony-tail or styles of hair that involve leaving hair open and loosely flowing across ones’ shoulders or wait (depending on long or medium length of hair) are the hairstyles that require least maintenance. This is because for tying up hair, one just has to comb hair and fit it together in a bun or a hairscrunchie.

Simple Hair StylesOne does not have to pay excessive attention to the knots, the un-rulyness of hair and so on. For hair that is left open after wash, without a blow-dry or a brush run through it post drying, there is less maintenance only if one has hair that falls beautifully well without any work done for it to look that way. I guess that there are only a few as luck as that to have natural Barbie doll looking hair!

Maintenance is not a bad thing. Maintenance of hair by the use of tonics for nourishment and health is useful to protect and care for your hair! Using good shampoos and conditioners are only good for your hair, and not harmful. Yes, it is true that hair that is hair-sprayed, gelled or serumed, along or besides blow-drying or any other treatment of heat or curling to your hair, is harmful for it.

It makes hair dry, brittle and can cause hair fall. Today, there are protective creams and sprays before any heat treatment to your hair for hair protection but yet, it is advisable for people to not style hair with products and creams too much. Only do so when necessary or for an occasion that you would want to dress up for. For more on hair products and hair adorning, here is where you would get your fix!

Hair Fashion

Hair fashion- An essential part in the world of fashion

Hair fashion – fashion comprises many elements, as you would obviously know! It is not just make up or clothes or hair, it is a mix of all of these elements. And hair is a super important part in the wide and glitzy world of fashion. Models spend a lot of time before taking on the ramp (before walking the ramp), on their hair do’s and styles for their hair.

Hair is essential because a wrong haircut or do may spoil a person’s physical features or mar them! A person’s persona shines with the right use of hair product and more importantly, with the right hair itself (meaning the right haircut or hairstyle).

Hair Fashion

Hair fashion is a category that is super imperative and a glamorous portion of the widespread fashion industry across the globe. Tell me, which country does not concentrate on hairdos today? Every country does, every nation has their top model adorning the best in hair fashion.

Hair today, tops tomorrow! It means that hair styles worn today by a top model of a country will set an example for many people to imitate and copy the same, making way for the birth of a new hair trend or new hair fashion.

This is common knowledge that celebrities have a big influence on consumerism. Today, if a model or an actor has a particular hairdo and that celebrity (model or actor) is famous and well-renowned, then you will see how the public start to imitate that trend almost immediately….

Hair fashion is as essential and givena s much of prominence as any other area of fashion today. Hair care and hair fashion advice is often available to one, when  one visits the websites, blogs or meets people who specialize in hair!

Hair Styles for Formal Occasions

Hairstyles for formal occasions are ones that will look good for any formal occasion. Going to a wedding party- there are looks for hair that are prescribed ones for weddings and such occasions; tied up hair in buns that can be worn with a flower or a string of attached flowers on the circumference of your hair bun is a good idea for a wedding occasion- with an Indian Saree, Salwar Kameez or even a Kurta/Kurti over pants.

A Dress worn to a church wedding can be worn with a beautiful tulip with tied up hair with the assistance of pins and clips.

Torn jeans is the ultimate funky look and for this rugged, casual look, hair that is twirled or crimped looks grunge and nice. The grunge look is a look that is rugged and is trendy, in a young and sporty way. Many youngsters sport this kind of grunge look.

Hair Styles for Formal OccasionsFor a party or evening out, wear a dress/pants with your hair left open, nicely done (blow-dried, set by an iron or a set of curlers- depending on the kind of hairdo that you want to have). You can also wear your hair neatly tied up in a pony-tail that is midway to high and low, with a nice pair of formal studded earrings.

A hat is also a completely formal look, but will look good only at occasions like a formal gathering, the Derby or Church for Sunday Mass. With the above given details on dressing sensibilities for formal occasions, go ahead and dress! Dress well, dress up!

Dressing up your hair with good care and a good style can be done easily with the choices one sees in the shelves of a super market or a cosmetic store and it is easy today! Easier than it ever was and it is filled with options.

Choices of Hair Styles for Summer

This summer, go cool! This summer, cut short. Go easy. Go stylish. With the heat of the summer fast approaching, one wants to make sure that she or he has a good and comfortable hair style that they can maintain through the long, sunny and sweaty months of the blazing summer.  Summer time is a time of year, in India, where women like to dress minimal and where there is no scope for very long hair styles or rather, there is little scope to walk around sporting or opening hair that is long and styled. Yet, there are many a hair style and cut that are comfortable and wonderful for the months of summer and these are styles that are to aid comfort and feasibility of wear of hair over summer!

Hair Styles for SummerThe choices of hairstyles for summer should be styles that are suit your personality, that being number one and that are comfortable! Choosing a hairstyle that does not suit your personality, face structure or is un comfortable is a completely bad choice of hairstyle and will not look sporty or nice for summer or any other time as it is not either of the former stated attributes.

Choices for summer could be short and fun haircuts or styles. Haircuts like the Pixie cut which leans towards short hair, or short cropped or tiny layered hair that is short is also wonderfully well-manageable for summer. Choices for summer to go with the above mentioned hairdo’s or haircuts is to try and be as hydrated as possible.

Drink up- Drink water, drink fruit juices, drink coconut water out of the shell, feeling like a real beach body and if you tan, do not forget to carry a sun block with proper uv rays filters and a good hat (cool look for summer- big hats with or without bows and accessorizing)

Choices of Hair Styles For Winter

Winter comes and it brings with it openness for hair style choices, there can be so many one can choose from. Winter time is the best time to grow out your hair, to wear your hair (layered, razored or not) open and loose, and it is an amazing time to wear your hair in different styles. Winter in India is when the women do not hesistate a minute before opening their tresses of hair, as this is a time of year when there is no concern about humidity factors or heat elements or the need to tie up and bun up hair as there is less exposure to sunlight and the sun shines milder than in summer. This makes it feasible to try out many a cut freely over winter time.

Hair Styles For WinterWinter hairdo’s are hairstyles that are good for winter. For instance, a hairstyle that is long, layered and left open, with the presence of a pretty looking hair clip on the side of the hair (with or without a few bangs to add effect) is a great look for winter.

Winter time brings with it the possibility to wear a nice hooded top, which covers your head, which can previously be tied up in a pony-tail or bun.

Pony tails with a nice hair band over jeans is a great option to go out for a casual lunch or coffee. Sporting a jacket look with a hair band over slightly blow dried hair (make sure that you use a protective spray before heat treatment to your hair-any kind of heat treatment, may it be a hair spray or a hair serum- this helps to protect hair from breakage and it helps to maintain a good texture of hair as well, which tends to dry up in winter months).

Oiling Hair – Recommended or Not

Oiling hair is an age old recommendation, but as time went by, the recommendation took a deviation. Today, there are a percentage of hair experts who believe hat oiling is good for hair and there are a percentage of hair experts who believe that oiling is not necessary for hair.

Oiling Hair

My personal suggestion is that it is alright to use hair oil (trusted companies like Marico have the eternally popular Parachute range of coconut oil which is superb) once in a while, say once every fortnight or once every two-to-three weeks. It is also a suggestion to not leave oil on overnight as this could make the roots of your hair oily or over absorbent. Keep oil on for an hour or two, at most and then wash it off with a good shampoo that is effective. This time, use less conditioner as oil itself acts as a good, conditioning agent and softener. When you use oil, the hair gets greasy, and to remove the oil, you would use extra shampoo and this, at times, can rob your hair of its essential natural oils/secretions.

This time, use less conditioner as oil itself acts as a good, conditioning agent and softener. When you use oil, the hair gets greasy, and to remove the oil, you would use extra shampoo and this, at times, can rob your hair of its essential natural oils/secretions.

So, there is a conflict of interests when it comes to whether or not oil is recommended in today’s day and age. For those who want a definitive advice, read the above and indulge in oil sessions, but only once in a way! This way, you will be providing your hair with the needed supplement or nourishment, as one may like to refer to it as, and hair does not get robbed excessively of secretions because oil is applied sparsely as opposed to frequently.

Criterion for a Good Hairstyle

What is the main criterion for a good hair style / hair do?

As easygoing is a hairstyle, the better is the comfort. And the better the comfort, the higher it gets on the list of good hair styles or hair do’s. The main criterion for a good hair style, as you may have already guessed by now, is comfort. If a hair style is not comfortable, then no matter how many products or blow-dry’s one gets done to keep to being stylish, the effect will be worn out easily. If a person is not comfortable with her hair style, then it is not a good or approved one. The comfort also arises from having an easy as well as a maintainable hair do or hair style. The comfort helps a woman to be in sync with her haircut.

Criterion for a Good Hairstyle Besides comfort, a good hairstyle is definitely one that suits a person’s face and a person’s personality. A round face with a short crop of a haircut will look rounder and this is not rocket science, this is common knowledge regarding haircuts.

The above stated qualifies as being two very important criteria for a good hair cut or a good hair style. Hair stylists today realize the innate need and importance to work towards giving a person a hair cut that is cool, suave and comfortable. Fashion meters keep changing but comfort is a quaint-essential in any hair situation.

Style that is comfortable is what is the most important; style that is un-comfortable defeats the very purpose of having any kind of stylish haircut or hairdo. For a lot more on hair styles, hair do’s, hair care and more, continue having a read of this website, because it is a one stop centre for all queries related to hair and hair style!

Types of Hair do’s and Hair Styles

Over centuries, there have been so many hair do’s, hair styles and haircuts that have come in vogue and gone out of vogue (the word vogue refers to something that is considered to be ‘in fashion’ or ‘in style’) and styles regarding hair that have kept changing over time, and few which kept getting variations, that today, it’s safe to say that there have been hundreds and thousands of hairdo’s that have taken precedence at different times/ages.


The most generally sought after hairdo’s or hairstyles are the below listed. They qualify as styles that are most often taken to. They also qualify as styles and dos that are sported by people for comfort as well as to keep up with the fashion meter scale:

  • Layered hair cut/hair style. Any length of hair, when cut with layers is a good option for a hair style. Layers add refinement and style to a haircut.
  • Bangs and razor cut hair are a new age hairdo or a hairstyle. Bangs allow the forehead to be covered when one wishes, and can be worn on the side with hair-pins/clips when desired.
  • Razor sharp cut takes away the thickness of hair, making it look light and flow around the face.
  • Short hair can be worn in recent times- shaggily, in recent and previous times (with a few variations done of recent)- short cropped or bob hair cut/style. The variations of recent times to a bob hair-cut is the possible addition of a stylish half-fringe or few strands of hair, cut-together as bangs. Otherwise the bob-hair look is a common one and is a roundish haircut which is up till the ears.
  • Pony-tailed hair or tied up hair is a very classic look to sport and is one that portrays a look that is neat and semi-formal.
  • Hair do’s that involve back-combing is a recent and a very popularized trend to wear on or sport. The key is to comb your hair from behind the strands of hair in front, giving the hair a big or a mega look, and tying the hair up from behind. This look is super cool and resembles a true originated rock star look!
  • The other hairdo that is a good one for the summer months approaching is to bunch up hair in a bun or a hairclip that is binding, making hair comfortable and giving it a tied together feel.